Forward Movement: An Alpha’s Second Chance and Building my Backlist.

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Forward Movement:

An Alpha’s Second Chance and Building My Backlist

An Alpha’s Second Chance is only my second release, but it is a cornerstone in my master plan. My intentions to grow my catalogue are always on my mind. By the end of this year. I will have minimum 6 releases. I’m not creating a backlist of twenty novellas. I’m building an empire of novels, and I won’t let up.


An Alpha’s Second Chance, Pivotal to my backlist.

I’m a notorious planner. It’s because my mind is in a constant state of clutter. Planning is the only way to make it all make sense. So when I decided that I would become an author, I planned. A lot.

I’m afraid all the time. I’m indecisive when I’m afraid. I needed something to take away the fear. Knowing what I will write next does that.

My first release, An Alpha’s Dream was only the beginning .That feels evident. Of course it was the beginning. Something had to come first. I knew going in, that I’d write the stories of the friends and wolves I introduced. I knew their order. My sophomore release was actually supposed to be the story of Euphoria’s best friend Charlotte Jackson. Needless to say, my plans had other plans.

I began An Alpha’s Second Chance as a clearing story when working on Charlotte’s. Her hero, is a bit of an ass. He is stubborn to a fault and after months of crafting I was spinning my wheels. It wasn’t writers block. He just knew what I was refusing to acknowledge, that it wasn’t time for their story. So I started over, and An Alpha’s Second Chance was born.

What I realized as I started to craft it, was that these were new people. They didn’t have the built in back stories, but they had plenty to say and  a willingness to be open. Just like Euphoria and Nathaniel in An Alpha’s Dream. The were ready. They wanted to talk. All I had to do was listen and they poured out.

The more I wrote for them, the more I realized that they were letting me into a another world of characters. They were breaking down my original ideal circumstances for writing and breathing life into their own. With every line, they gave me more. They created another brick I could use as a cornerstone.

How An Alpha’s Second Chance adds value to my backlist.

I believe in fluidity. I believe in reading a book and knowing who the author is without having been told a title or seeing a cover. An Alpha’s Second Chance has been critical in forcing me to identify my writing voice as it pertains to shifter romances.

When I was freelancing for other people, I  created systems based on what their requirements were. The stories were developed in accordance to their pen name preferences. Not now. There is no pseudonym to hide behind. There is only may name. The one my mother gave me, the one my children will come to know. I am careful with what I create for it.

An Alpha’s Second Chance affirms my rhythms. I says I will have a strong heroine with real life problems. My wolf will be flawed, and redeemable. Who they are together will far exceed who they are apart. Their love will not come easily. They will have to fight for it. The same way we do.

Knowing this upfront, means that both you as my reader and I are not at the mercy of a whim. I’m not going to feed you sugar all day, but there will be sweet moments. I’m not going to make you cringe over every word, but there will be baggage to unpack. An Alpha’s Second Chance is one of those books that speaks to what my writing currently is and how it will become more.

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Forward Movement, Jocelyn F. Young blog post

An Alpha’s Second Chance, and What Comes of the Serial

An Alpha’s Second Chance, The Prequel is book one in a serial, but there are other stories to tell.  My initial plan was not to turn this book into a serial. Now that it is, I am looking forward to the added room to flesh it out. The meat an bones center around the story of an Alpha who has ruined his chances with his mate. In it, Jarrod must find a way back into the love of his life’s heart. There are other stories like this to be told. As I build my backlist, An Alpha’s Second Chance becomes a series.

I want other stories of redemption. I want to bring to life other realities of finding the one and having them slip away. There is a bit of grace in reading about someone else’s forgiveness. The vulnerability it takes to start again takes as much bravery as it takes hopes. I would know. I’ve had to start again on more than one occasion. I’m sure I’ll have more do overs before this life is done.

My aim through my work is to bring as much reality into my fantasy as is reasonable, as well as hope. I am proud that I can do that writing the stories I love. It makes me happy to think that with each book I publish, my legacy is strengthen. One day, my beloved daughters may read these. I hope through my backlist, they learn a little more about their mother.

Books are powerful that way. They connect, bind when everything else creates distance. It is my desire to have a lengthy career as an author. It is my hope that as you read more of my work, you know a little more about me too. That I am a hopeless romantic, I love redemption, and I am constantly working on my craft. Know that I am deliberate in my creating. I am intentionally when I write. Every book will show that.

What are you deliberate in creating? Comment below.


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