An Alpha’s Second Chance – A Curvy Werewolf Shifter Romance

An Alpha’s Second Chance – A Curvy Werewolf Shifter Romance


An Alpha’s Second Chance – Book 1

The love story of Corrinne Snow and Jarrod Hudson is one wounded by deceit. What should have been an easy tale of lovers growing old together, instead is ripe with bigotry and self-doubt. What happens when loyalty trumps love? More importantly, what happens to love when an Alpha gets a second chance?


First there’s Corrinne…

Her family ties run deep. In fact, the only reason she returns to her home town is to help her mother. The final chapter of her mothers life with her father is coming to a close. He’s been buried for three years now and all that is left of him is the house Corrinne grew up in and the love he left behind.

Her mother isn’t sure what to do with it, but knows she can’t live there any longer. Ever the dutiful daughter, Corrinne tries her best to hide her grief and her sadness at leaving the Snow House behind, but a plan starts to build. One that will put her right in the sights of an old love. It is a love that she believed she would have forever, and one that she hoped to never have to confront again.

Corrinne is certain that Jarrod Hudson is firmly behind her, until she is.  Zcaptured by his gaze. Only then does she realize just how far she has to go to be over his love.



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Corrinne Snow and Jarrod Hudson converse

And then there is Jarrod

He can never let her go. His heart has been lost to anything but her since their untimely parting. There is nothing and no one who can tear his love from Corrinne. Not even her. Jarrod wants her back. He wants her sensual mouth, her widening hips melting beneath his palms. He wants every sweetness Corrinne possesses and everything in between.

If only he could convince her that he’s grown from the mistake he made so many years ago. He just isn’t as sure. So many things are diffect. Yet, so many things are exactly the same. Jarrod still has a secret, one that could keep them apart. He wonders if Corrinne will ever be ready to know all of who he is.

While he is busy wondering, there is a plot afoot. Jarrod’s place as Alpha of the Hudson wolves can only be threatened by one thing, his lack of an heir. The pack is growing restless. It has been years since his fathers death, years since Jarrod took over as the Alpha. Yet, he has refused a mate. Or, so many of his pack believes. When an old fling resurfaces and makes good with the elders, the heat is on.  Jarrod will resist their quiet pressure as long as he can, but very soon he will have to make a choice. A choice, that will change everything for everyone -especially Corrinne.

Corrinne is Jarrod’s one true mate, but she is not a wolf. The Hudson wolves aren’t known for being liberal thinkers. They are even less incline to deviate from tradition when it comes to love. They will want an Alpha Werewoman to lead them, but Jarrod’s heart belongs to a human. He won’t be pushed from his rank on a foolish and antiquated technicality…willingly.




But, what of Athena

Her beauty is unparalleled. Her satiny brown skin, and marking eyes have towered even the most resistant male. All except the one she wants. Sure, Jarrod is stubborn.  All Athena needs is a little more time to make him see things her way.

Athena is no fool. She knows Jarrod’s heart belongs to someone else, and so does hers.  Athena isn’t after Jarrod for love. She wants what was denied her- a life as an Alpha’s wife. The Hudson wolves are respecteable, an old pack still holding to the old ways. There is no one better than Athena to rule beside Jarrod. No one at all. It would do Jarrod well to know that.


An unfolding love story

An Alpha’s Second Chance unfolds like a rose revealing its petals. What will become of a love so heated it simmers? Jarrod never stopped wanting Corrinne, needing her. Corrinne never stopped hoping what they had was real., but now she wants to move on. How will they see beyond their past and into a life that envelopes them? What will it take for Jarrod and Corrinne to find thier way back to love? There is only one way to find out…

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